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TrainTalk.TV: Atlas Shrugged is not a train movie

From a post at TrainTalk.TV: If you know the book Atlas Shrugged, or for that matter, the writer, Ayn Rand, you will know that her work is controversial and people either love it or hate it. Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 … Continue reading

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Diana Hsieh on the Atlas Shrugged movie: The good, the bad, and the ugly

For some reason I missed this when it was first posted, but Objectivist philosopher, podcaster, and blogger Diana Hsieh shares many intelligent criticisms of the movie in her video review below. As Diana notes at the end of her review, … Continue reading

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Smart Girl Politics: “Wow, does it ever get you thinking!”

Ever wonder how people who haven’t read the novel are reacting to the new Atlas Shrugged – Part 1 movie? K Stadler at Smart Girl Politics had this to say: I just finished watching the movie Atlas Shrugged Part One, … Continue reading

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Lindsay Perigo reacts to the Atlas Shrugged movie: “Absolutely loved it.”

Former New Zealand television and radio broadcasting personality Lindsay Perigo recently got a chance to watch the Atlas Shrugged movie. A serious, long-term fan of Rand’s work, he is not known for pulling any punches. Here’s what he had to … Continue reading

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Canadian press: Praising the Atlas Shrugged movie with faint damnation

In time for the movie’s opening yesterday in Toronto, a (largely negative) review in Canada’s National Post begins: We are all familiar with the concept of damnation with faint praise. Atlas Shrugged the movie (Part 1) invites praise by faint … Continue reading

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The Little Movie that Just Might: Atlas Shrugged, Part One

Urban Planning and Transportation of Utah writes a weekly blog centered around Amtrak. “This week at Amtrak, Vol. 8 No 9″ begins, For something completely different, This Week goes to the movies, plus some observations by URPA Vice President of … Continue reading

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L. Neil Smith: They all went to the theater expecting to see a film, and saw a movie, instead

Libertarian science fiction author L. Neil Smith has published his review of the Atlas Shrugged movie. A number of scenes, he says, “very nearly brought me to tears.” After considering the film’s pros and cons, and the various reactions among … Continue reading

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Al Ramrus: Aglialoro didn’t take the high road

Al Ramrus was friendly with Ayn Rand’s inner circle in the 1960s, worked for Mike Wallace when he did the now-classic interview with Rand, and works today as a screen writer and producer in Los Angeles. Below are some critical … Continue reading

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Film School Rejects: A failure? Atlas Shrugged has already outgrossed 125 films so far this year

Cole Abaius at Film School Rejects considers “Did ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Really Fail and Should Producer John Aglialoro Blame Critics?” Excerpt: There are anywhere from 2 to 8 independent films released every weekend, and most never even see the $1m mark. … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged not cinematic perfection, but completely on-message

Andrew Palmer has written a new article in The Monitor, Kansas City Metro News. He begins, “The real power [of Ayn] Rand’s timely story overcomes bad CGI and so-so acting; it’s a must-watch because the issues it brings up inform today’s policy … Continue reading

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