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John Putch to direct Atlas Shrugged Part 2, according to IMDB

According to the IMDB page for Atlas Shrugged Part 2, actor-turned-director John Putch has been recruited to direct the movie. An Oct 2010 interview for the Valley Film Festival introduces Putch as follows: After beginning as an actor, John Putch … Continue reading

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John Aglialoro interview in the Boston Globe

A new article “Ayn Rand’s biggest fan” in the Boston Globe consists of a brief interview with Atlas Shrugged, Part I Producer John Aglialoro. An excerpt: > So why did it take so long to make the film? I found … Continue reading

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It’s 39 minutes long, but well worth watching — rich with information and insights. The producers point out that last Friday, on per-screen basis, the Atlas Shrugged movie was the top-grossing film in America.

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“‘Atlas Shrugged’ film born of sheer will, the Ayn Rand way”

John Timpane of the Philadelphia Inquirer spoke with producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow – fittingly enough while they were both on a train to New York. Here’s a sample: It almost didn’t happen. “As of last April,” said producer … Continue reading

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Interview with Harmon Kaslow

Writing over at Parcbench, Michael Fadanza has an interview with Atlas Shrugged co-producer Harmon Kaslow. Some highlights: We thought that given how relevant with what’s going on now, it just fit to set the movie in 2016. You also have … Continue reading

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PJTV interviews those who attended world premiere at Union Station

This is the first time I’ve seen Amy Holmes, incidentally, and she’s fantastic! What a force of nature. Congratulations to PJTV for attracting some serious telegenic talent. UPDATE: A reader has pointed out that the premiere was in Washington, D.C. … Continue reading

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The Atlasphere interviews screenwriter Brian Patrick O’Toole

The Atlasphere has just published the first half of a two-part interview with screenwriter Brian Patrick O’Toole about his role in the Atlas Shrugged movie. It begins: After forty years of unsuccessful attempts to turn Ayn Rand’s epic novel Atlas … Continue reading

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The Objective Standard interviews Atlas Shrugged movie producer Harmon Kaslow

The quarterly philosophical journal The Objective Standard has published “An Interview with Atlas Shrugged Movie Producer Harmon Kaslow.” The full interview is available for $4.95 as a PDF download. The sample text from the introduction contains this interesting bit about … Continue reading

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The Atlas Society interviews Atlas Shrugged movie screenwriter Brian O’Toole

The Atlas Society has published an interview with Atlas Shrugged movie screenwriter Brian O’Toole. The interview includes these questions, among others: How many drafts of the script did you work up? What major changes did you make as the work … Continue reading

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Yaron Brook offers his first public comments on the Atlas Shrugged movie

The Ayn Rand Institute had not previously commented on the long efforts to make an Atlas Shrugged movie. Here President Yaron Brook discusses his reactions to, and hopes for, the new movie:

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