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Book recommendation: “Hunter: A Thriller” by Robert Bidinotto

I love inspirational novels with a significant moral message, such as Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull. They hit us on multiple levels: supplying entertainment, giving intelligent food for thought, and providing inspiration and emotional fuel … Continue reading

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Status of Part 2 in Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy: It WILL be made.

Still haven’t seen the Atlas Shrugged movie? You won’t have to wait much longer. The DVD is scheduled for release on November 8th, well in time for the Christmas season. Pre-order as many copies as you’d like for just $19.95. … Continue reading

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Book review: I Am John Galt

Stephen W. Browne has reviewed the book for the Atlasphere. He begins: I accepted a review copy of I Am John Galt, by Donald Luskin and Andrew Greta, with some trepidation. I was recommended to the publisher by a friend, … Continue reading

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Fred Cookinham’s NYC “Ayn Rand walking tours” featured on NPR

Atlasphere member and columnist Fred Cookinham was recently interviewed by NPR about his NYC Ayn Rand walking tours. Congratulations to Fred on this recognition of his fine work, promoting awareness of Ayn Rand’s life, history, and writings!

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New article in TIME magazine online about the Atlasphere and the Atlas Shrugged movie just published an article about the Atlasphere as well as the Atlas Shrugged movie, penned by Claire Suddath, who spent this week talking with members of our dating service. Her article is titled “Single Objectivist Seeks Same” and begins: … Continue reading

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Using the Atlas Shrugged movie to meet like-minded individuals

Phil Coates has penned a new article at the Atlasphere titled “Using the Atlas movie to meet people,” with practical suggestions about how to leverage the movie for social and community-building purposes. He begins: If the Atlas Shrugged movie comes … Continue reading

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The Atlasphere interviews screenwriter Brian Patrick O’Toole

The Atlasphere has just published the first half of a two-part interview with screenwriter Brian Patrick O’Toole about his role in the Atlas Shrugged movie. It begins: After forty years of unsuccessful attempts to turn Ayn Rand’s epic novel Atlas … Continue reading

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“A political perspective almost universally absent from the big screen” says Brian Calle

Sometimes a reporter just ‘gets it’ and this reviewer of the Atlas film does just that. Brian Calle of The Daily Caller states that the film version of Atlas Shrugged “ought to stoke the debate about free society and the role … Continue reading

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New documentary: “Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand”

Award-winning producer Duncan Scott has a new project under development, a documentary titled “Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand.” You can see a video about the project on the movie’s Kickstarter page, to help raise money for the project. Scott … Continue reading

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The Atlasphere publishes two new reviews of the Atlas Shrugged movie

Atlasphere member Shrikant Rangnekar has written a review titled “A Roman copy of a Greek original,” with this theme: For successful transmission into the broader culture, great artwork must be copied into different mediums, by different artists with different visions … Continue reading

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