Official trailer: Atlas Shrugged Movie – Part II

The official trailer for Part II was just released!

What do you think? How does it compare to the trailer for Part I?

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  • Leon Brozyna

    First impressions … Frisco looks better; in part 1, he came across as a dipsomaniac … Rearden also seems more in line with the book; he has a harder edge you would expect from someone who’s worked his way up from the mines; in part 1 he came across as a suit. I’m withholding judgement on the other characters till I see the film. Maybe I’m getting my hopes up, but I’m hoping we’ll see less drinking, less cell phone chats, less limo rides; part 1 seemed to have a few good to excellent scenes patched together with filler scenes (limos). And hopefully this Dagny won’t have anymore moaner lines … “That’s depressing.” (twice in part 1).

  • Leon Brozyna

    Harmon Kaslow speaks to Big Hollywood about the forthcoming release of Part 2. He sees the Obama/2016 documentary and Ryan being a Vice-Presidential candidate as unexpected factors that should help the box office at next month’s release. With the new trailer showing at theaters this weekend where the 2016 documentary is playing, interest in the film is sure to rise. The one detail that’s different from the story is that the film is already set to open in 540 cities, a number sure to increase during the next month, while the story says it will open with close to 500 screens.  Remember that Part 1 only made it to 465 theaters; if the marketing team is anywhere near as good as their credentials suggest, Part 2 could blow the doors off Part 1′s total take on its first weekend!

    Read the full Big Hollywood story here: