Kaslow: “2016” movie and Paul Ryan nomination bode well for release of new Part II

Big Hollywood has a new article with updates from producer Harmon Kaslow. It begins:

The “Atlas Shrugged” films were designed to celebrate Ayn Rand’s core political philosophies, says franchise producer Harmon Kaslow.

What Kaslow couldn’t foresee as the second film in the franchise nears its release date is the GOP nominating Rand enthusiast Paul Ryan for its Vice Presidential slot and an anti-Obama documentary shattering box office records.

Kaslow predicts “Atlas Shrugged: Part II,” set for an Oct. 12 release, will get an added boost from those two factors. It won’t hurt that trailers for the film will be playing before screenings of “2016” starting this weekend.

A quick peek at that trailer shows the story’s key themes, from the economy to energy, overlap neatly with the current dialogue in the presidential race.

“The film plays right into the debate,” Kaslow tells Big Hollywood.

Thanks to Leon for the tip.

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