Politico: Atlas Shrugged Part 2 will have fuller marketing campaign

From Politico:

Part 2 is due to hit theaters in October and producer Harmon Kaslow anticipates a broader, and more aggressive, marketing effort this time around.

Kaslow says that, despite the buzz generated online for the first film, “we realized that that’s not necessarily translating into people immediately going out and seeing the movie that weekend.”

“So one of the lessons we learned from Part 1 is that we need to use, in addition to the online media where we had that success, we also need to do more traditional media marketing and to that extent we’re spending nearly 10 times more money than we did on Part 1’s advertising budget to market Part 2.”

To do so, they’re teaming up with seasoned Hollywood marketer Russell Schwartz.

“We have a real seasoned pro who really understands the message and the adaptation of the book that we are pursuing and will help us market in a more traditional fashion, in addition to what we are continuing to do with our online marketing methods.”

Tea party types will still be involved, but as part of a broader outreach.

“The core message of the book really revolves around respecting the rights of the individual, so we have identified hundreds of groups across the country who really have, as part of their mission, that type of concept and message. So in addition to the support that we got from Freedom Works and the Heritage Foundation and tea party groups, we’re reaching out really to all of the various policy groups and others that subscribe to the message or are predisposed to the message of the book.”

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