On the set of Atlas Shrugged Part 2

The Atlas Society has published a new article with notes on their visit to the set of the new movie.

The article begins:

A light breeze blows, a few ducks glide on a pond, a small cabin is nestled in the trees. Dagny Taggart stands knee deep in flowers at the side of the weathered porch. Her blond ponytail bobs smartly as she examines a broken rail, a power drill heavy in one hand. From a short distance, Francisco D’Anconia watches her, preparing for their confrontation. The sun lights her face, shining through a giant white silk stretched across a black square frame. Three men hoist the sail onto two metal posts, adjust the angle, and trudge away. A large camera’s tripod is staked on the lawn, its lens trained on the scene, its thick black wires weaving the way back to a cart overflowing with electrical equipment. From a short distance, the director yells “Action!”

See the full article for much more.

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