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Walter Block: In defense of Ayn Rand

The leftosphere has been spinning with accusations this past year that Ayn Rand was a hypocrite for accepting Social Security and Medicare in her later years. Writing for Psychology Today, Loyola Economics Professor Walter Block sets the record straight. It’s … Continue reading

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More about Samantha Mathis, the new Dagny Taggart

The latest article about Atlas Shrugged Part 2 in Reason magazine offers this, about the new actress playing Dagny Taggart: Part IIs new Dagny Taggart—the railroad magnate heroine struggling to keep the motors of the world running while mysterious forces … Continue reading

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Reason: On the set of Atlas Shrugged Part 2

Reason magazine has a new article providing an excellent glimpse into the making of the new movie. The article begins: Atlas Shrugged Part I, the 2011 film version of Ayn Rand’s hugely influential novel Atlas Shrugged, was the result of … Continue reading

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Casting update for Atlas Shrugged Part 2

Another update from Leon Brozyna: Here’s another interim update on casting: John Galt – D. B. Sweeney Man in Train Station – Steve Kaufmann Sara Connelly – Jamie Rose and one change in casting: Ted ‘Buzz’ Killman – Michael Gross … Continue reading

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The final cast of Atlas Shrugged Part 2?

Here is the latest cast for Atlas Shrugged Part 2, according to IMDB and other sources, which started filming on April 2nd. Leon Brozyna notes: “It’s still not listing the parts for Dagny or Ken Danagger, so those and maybe … Continue reading

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Meet the new Dagny Taggart: Samantha Mathis

Below are photos of the woman who will play Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged Part 2. What do you think? Does she fit the part? The forty-two-year-old actress is best friends with Sandra Bullock. From her mini-bio at IMDB: Samantha … Continue reading

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Filming for Atlas Shrugged Part II begins today

From reader Leon Brozyna: Shooting for ASP2 is beginning today (Apr 2). The presence of Kip Chalmers suggests the tunnel disaster; Jeff Allen suggests a telling of the story of 20th Century Motor to Dagny; a couple judges suggests the … Continue reading

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