Producer Duncan Scott to serve as writer, creative advisor on Atlas Shrugged Part II

Yesterday we learned that multiple Emmy-winning producer Duncan Scott will be joining the production team for the Atlas Shrugged Part II movie. For more information about Scott, see his interview with the Atlasphere, where he discusses his experiences producing and re-releasing, with Ayn Rand’s blessing, the Italian screen adaptation of We The Living.

Today, in this update to Facebook, we learn more about his specific role with the next installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie:

I’m thrilled to share some exciting news: I have been in discussions with the “Atlas Shrugged, Part 2” filmmakers for several months now and I have officially joined the production team. My job will be working to help ensure that Rand’s ideas are presented in a dramatic, cinematic and compelling manner. The producers commissioned me to draft a screenplay that brings out the crucial themes of Ayn Rand’s novel. I have been working on that draft for several weeks and I’m happy to report that it will be completed soon. In addition, during the course of production and editing of the film, I will continue in an on-going role that might best be described as creative advisor, although details are still being worked out.

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