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Official soundtrack now available for purchase

The official soundtrack to Atlas Shrugged – Part 1 is now available for purchase! The price is $12.95 and the first 50 orders will be personally signed by composer Elia Cmiral.

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Wall Street Journal: Aglialoro places another 20 TV ads, looks to partner with Hollywood for sequels

A new article in the Wall Street Journal provides insights about Producer John Aglialoro’s current strategy for marketing the first installment of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy, as well as his hopes for creating the second and third installments. The article … Continue reading

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Patri Friedman: The Atlas Shrugged movie is “a nice reminder of the many important things Ayn Rand got right”

Seasteading Institute founder Patri Friedman — who is also Milton Friedman’s grandson — has posted a thoughtful review of the Atlas Shrugged movie and observes that “the movie was a nice reminder of the many important things [novelist Ayn Rand] … Continue reading

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Theater listings page now on Facebook, too

The Strike Productions now has a theater listings page on Facebook, in addition to the one on their official site. Check it out if you need to find a theater near you playing the Atlas Shrugged movie.

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Producer John Aglialoro reiterates his commitment to completing the full trilogy

In addition to Producer John Aglialoro’s reassuring comments recently to the Hollywood Reporter, he has further clarified for Big Hollywood that he has every intention of completing all three parts of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy. Here are some choice … Continue reading

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Just released: 15-second clip for TV network commercials

The Strike Productions has just released its 15-second clip for TV commercials to appear on certain major TV networks — which won’t include CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC, since they “have all rejected a 15-second ad for ‘editorial’ reasons [with] no … Continue reading

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Cliff Asness Loved the Atlas Shrugged Movie And Knows You Will Too

 An article posted in Dealbreaker by Bess Levin quotes a letter from Cliff Asness of AQR Capital. He says, ”If you love the book, if you like the book, if you are at all open to the arguments in the book, you will love this movie. … Continue reading

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Producer Harmon Kaslow issues an open apology to RottenTomatoes

An announcement from the official Facebook page of the Atlas Shrugged movie: Producer Harmon Kaslow issues a public apology to for implying yesterday in a Fox news interview that the site offered only a biased critical representation: “Upon further … Continue reading

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Keynes vs. Hayek: Round 2

This video is clever on so many levels. Study question: How does the information in this video relate to the plot of Atlas Shrugged? And for those unfamiliar with the franchise, here is part one.

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Robert Bidinotto: Good news, John Aglialoro bounces back

Paul Bond at the Hollywood Reporter has a new article “‘Atlas Shrugged’ Producer Promises Two Sequels Despite Terrible Reviews, Poor Box Office” with fresh comments from John Aglialoro that sound much more determined than he had sounded in the recent … Continue reading

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