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New Film Clip: Dagny Confronts the Union

The Strike Productions has released a new clip – the scene in which a union representative threatens Dagny that he will not allow his members to run a train on the John Galt Line.    

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Demand the Atlas Shrugged movie in your town! Here’s a new way to do it…

The producers of the Atlas Shrugged movie have now launched their own proprietary “Demand Atlas” feature on their site. All you have to do is enter your e-mail and your zip code. The more submissions they get in your area, … Continue reading

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The Daily Caller: Atlas Shrugged a “sleek and handsome movie”

Writing for the Daily Caller, Chris Bedford wrote a very positive review of the Atlas Shrugged movie, despite being “no fan of Ayn Rand.” While the acting is at times melodramatic (I heard a giggle or two from the audience), … Continue reading

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The Objective Standard interviews Atlas Shrugged movie producer Harmon Kaslow

The quarterly philosophical journal The Objective Standard has published “An Interview with Atlas Shrugged Movie Producer Harmon Kaslow.” The full interview is available for $4.95 as a PDF download. The sample text from the introduction contains this interesting bit about … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged movie ranked #1 at Eventful

The “Demand It” function at allows people to request a movie or a performer in their town. Today Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is in the #1 slot. (Hat tip to the Daily Paul.)

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PJTV discussses Atlas Shrugged movie with Glenn Reynolds, Brian Doherty, Tim Cavanaugh

In a new video at PJTV, Brian Doherty and Tim Cavanaugh of Reason Magazine discuss the future of libertarian politics with InstaVision host Glenn Reynolds. Their discussion of the Atlas Shrugged movie begins at about 9:42. Doherty, who reviewed the … Continue reading

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BlogCritics: “Engulfed me totally,” “blown away,” “never took my eyes from the screen”

Writing for, conservative screenwriter LeoOfMars has posted an enthusiastic new review of the movie. A sample: I saw the Atlas Shrugged – Part 1 preview at Sony Studios (formerly MGM). After the producers welcomed the audience and shared some … Continue reading

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Students for Liberty review

Clark Ruper has published a new review of the Atlas Shrugged movie on the Students for Liberty website. A sample of his comments: My favorite aspect of the movie is how well the villains are cast. James Taggert, Wesley Mouch, … Continue reading

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The Atlas Society interviews Atlas Shrugged movie screenwriter Brian O’Toole

The Atlas Society has published an interview with Atlas Shrugged movie screenwriter Brian O’Toole. The interview includes these questions, among others: How many drafts of the script did you work up? What major changes did you make as the work … Continue reading

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Yaron Brook offers his first public comments on the Atlas Shrugged movie

The Ayn Rand Institute had not previously commented on the long efforts to make an Atlas Shrugged movie. Here President Yaron Brook discusses his reactions to, and hopes for, the new movie:

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