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Fans Can Attend Washington, New York Pre-Release Screenings

“The Strike” Productions and The Atlas Society announced today they will be taking the ATLAS SHRUGGED film to the East Coast for two pre-release screenings – the first to be held in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, followed up by a … Continue reading

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More on the Screening

In “At the Atlas Shrugged (part 1) Premiere”, John describes his experience and includes photos of the crowd mingling after the show. From John, I learned that I somehow missed meeting Adrian Paul who was apparently sitting in the same … Continue reading

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Earlybird reviews of the full Atlas Shrugged movie: “Spectacular,” “Solid,” “Faithful”

Detractors of Atlas Shrugged would never be pleased with any faithful adaptation of the novel, and so this movie’s primary audience is those who enjoyed the novel, are generally sympathetic to Ayn Rand’s ideas, or both. (If their response is … Continue reading

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Hans Schantz: I’ve seen it. It’s awesome.

Co-blogger Hans Schantz and I were offered tickets to the pre-release screening in Los Angeles yesterday. I was unable to attend, but Hans was there and he has posted his initial reactions over at ÆtherCzar. He begins: I just attended … Continue reading

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David Kelley reviews Atlas Shrugged Part I

In the first published review of the first part of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy, David Kelley of the Atlas Society writes: Ever since the project launched last April, skeptics have wondered how a film with a limited budget of … Continue reading

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Trailer questions answered; private screening tomorrow

Screenwriter Brian O’Toole was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the trailer for a column at the Atlasphere, “Q&A: The Atlas Shrugged movie trailer.” Tomorrow, the producers of Atlas Shrugged Part I will be screening the the … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged movie on the IMDB news page

Interested to follow reactions to the Atlas Shrugged movie in the film world? The News for Ayn Rand page at IMDB provides a comprehensive roundup. Gird yourself, first.

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Movie clip: Henry Rearden comes home

Here’s the new clip, as promised, that includes the scene where Hank Rearden gives his wife Lillian a bracelet made of Rearden Metal:

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Lillian’s bracelet: New clip from Atlas Shrugged movie to be released Monday at 9 a.m. ET

From yesterday’s press release: Today, “The Strike” Productions, Inc. announced the release of an unseen clip from the upcoming Atlas Shrugged movie. The full scene, pulled directly from the film, is to be available on the movie’s YouTube channel at … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged movie an endorsement of government railways? Yeah right!

A new article “Atlas Shrugged pushing high-speed rail?” on CNET begins with the premise that “Contemporary high-speed rail seems to have gotten the nod as a plan worthy of pursuit from the makers of the long-awaited film version of Atlas … Continue reading

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