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Winning video: Lessons from Atlas Shrugged

Below is the winning entry from the Ayn Rand’s Institute’s recent Atlas Shrugged video contest. It was among my favorites, so I’m glad it got the recognition it deserves.

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Bob Barr on the new Atlas Shrugged movie

Writing for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bob Barr has penned an editorial about the new Atlas Shrugged movie. He doesn’t seem to have been at the NYC preview event, but he does a good job covering the highlights of the available … Continue reading

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Want the Atlas Shrugged movie in your city? Here’s how to make it happen.

A lot of people are wondering whether the Atlas Shrugged movie will be in a theater near them. If you are wondering the same thing, here is your answer. Below is an exchange from the movie’s Facebook page: Hassan Yusuf: … Continue reading

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The story arc for the Atlas Shrugged Movie

Wondering whether the new movie will successfully keep the underpinnings of Rand’s original novel? Here is an interesting exchange on that topic — as it pertains to the first installment of the trilogy — from the Facebook page for the … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged movie has booking service

Some who attended the Atlas Society’s NYC preview event reported afterwords privately that they were unsure whether the movie would have formal distribution or whether the producers might try to book theaters independently. I’m happy to report that they have … Continue reading

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Major new verdict threatens to bankrupt John Alialoro’s company, if not overturned

Very disappointing news for Cybex International, the exercise equipment manufacturing company of which Atlas Shrugged movie Producer John Aglialoro is the CEO: A New York jury on December 8 awarded a 30-year old plaintiff $66 million in her suit against … Continue reading

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