Teaser trailer coming soon

From screenwriter Brian O’Toole, on the movie’s Facebook fan page:

Svetlana Berezentseva: when are you going to release the trailer?

Atlas Shrugged The Movie: ‎@Svetlana – We have a teaser trailer coming soon and then a full trailer. Both are in the hands of an amazing company that specializes in trailers. I wish I could give you a specific date. But we’ll announce it here when we do have a date.

UPDATE: (10 Dec 2010) For anyone curious about what goes into the making of a trailer, read the NY Times article “The 150-Second Sell, Take 34,” about the making of the trailer for the Disney movie Signs. And you can watch (at least one version of) the resulting teaser trailer and theatrical trailer at YouTube.

UPDATE: (11 Feb 2011) The trailer for the Atlas movie has been released! To see it, visit our Atlas Shrugged trailer page.

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