Detailed description and review of the first 10 minutes of the Atlas Shrugged movie

The Atlasphere just published a lengthy review by Richard Gleaves of the recent NYC preview of the beginning of the movie. His review begins:

Richard Gleaves

Last night I attended the Atlas Society’s sneak preview of the Atlas Shrugged–Part 1 movie — the same preview discussed in the Atlasphere’s recent interview with Producer John Aglialoro.

At the event, the preview was preceded by some notable comments from Aglialoro and others; but the centerpiece of the event was, unmistakably, the ten-minute clip from the film itself.

So how was it?

Very good. Better than I expected. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, as you’ll see from my many nitpicks below. Based upon the preview we saw, however, I think this movie will do credit to the novel and to the characters.

Let’s walk through it bit by bit. This is based on my memory of two viewings, plus some detailed notes.

See Gleaves’s full review for much, much more.

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  • Mike Robinson

    Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!

  • Mike Robinson

    Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!