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Iris Bell’s comments on Atlas Shrugged preview

This essay appeared in Iris Bell’s Junto newsletter for Ayn Rand fans. Reprinted here by kind permission. On Dec. 7, 2010 I saw a few minutes of a rough cut of the beginning of the movie ” ‘Atlas Shrugged’ — … Continue reading

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The Atlas Shrugged movie will be rated PG-13

According to the latest MPAA ratings, the first part of the new Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy will be rated PG-13 for some sexuality.

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Capturing the spirit of Atlas Shrugged

What was it like to attend the ten-minute sneak-peek of the Atlas Shrugged movie earlier this month in New York City? An Atlasphere member relates his firsthand experience. From Donovan Albanesi’s new column, titled Capturing the Spirit of Atlas Shrugged: … Continue reading

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Walter Donway’s comments on the Atlas Shrugged movie sneek-peak

Atlas Society Trustee Walter Donway has published his thoughts about the event with the 10-minute clip for the new Atlas movie. It begins: To Ayn Rand, the New York City skyline spoke of the highest achievement of man’s productive mind–of … Continue reading

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Bernie Madoff: A character straight out of Atlas Shrugged?

Walter Donway’s insightful new column “Bernie, Bernie: Was It Selfish?” illuminates ways in which Bernard Madoff’s story could have been ripped right from the pages of The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged.

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“It is we who move the world”

A couple of reviewers — Richard Gleaves and Fred Cookinham — who saw the ten minute sneak peak of the Atlas Shrugged movie in New York City noted that the phrase “It is we who move the world” from Ayn … Continue reading

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New report from Atlas Shrugged movie preview

The Atlasphere has published Fred Cookinham’s first-hand report of the Atlas Shrugged preview event that took place in New York City on December 7th. Some notable excerpts: John Fund of the Wall Street Journal quizzed the panel on the making … Continue reading

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Forbes magazine profiles John Aglialoro

Forbes has published a very favorable profile of Atlas Shrugged movie Producer John Agalialoro, noting, among other things, that he will soon be known as much more than the CEO of an exercise equipment manufacturing company. The article begins: Though … Continue reading

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Let a thousand Atlas Shrugged movies bloom?

If you’re not already familiar with it, check out ARI’s “Atlas Shrugged Video Contest.” I think this kind of contest is brilliant, and I salute their innovative efforts here. It also reminds me of a comment a friend of mine … Continue reading

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Buy an Atlas Shrugged Lapel Pin

Now you can buy an official ATLAS SHRUGGED ICON lapel pin for $5.00, courtesy of The Strike Productions. Click here to buy one. Apparently it’s not set up to allow ordering quantities other than just one, yet.

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