Kaslow: “2016” movie and Paul Ryan nomination bode well for release of new Part II

Big Hollywood has a new article with updates from producer Harmon Kaslow. It begins:

The “Atlas Shrugged” films were designed to celebrate Ayn Rand’s core political philosophies, says franchise producer Harmon Kaslow.

What Kaslow couldn’t foresee as the second film in the franchise nears its release date is the GOP nominating Rand enthusiast Paul Ryan for its Vice Presidential slot and an anti-Obama documentary shattering box office records.

Kaslow predicts “Atlas Shrugged: Part II,” set for an Oct. 12 release, will get an added boost from those two factors. It won’t hurt that trailers for the film will be playing before screenings of “2016” starting this weekend.

A quick peek at that trailer shows the story’s key themes, from the economy to energy, overlap neatly with the current dialogue in the presidential race.

“The film plays right into the debate,” Kaslow tells Big Hollywood.

Thanks to Leon for the tip.

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Official trailer: Atlas Shrugged Movie – Part II

The official trailer for Part II was just released!

What do you think? How does it compare to the trailer for Part I?

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New movie: Oct 12 release date, with 10x bigger marketing budget

A new article about Atlas Shrugged – Part 2 in the Hollywood Reporter begins:

The production hires Bill Lewis, who worked on distribution for the “Twilight” movies, and Russell Schwartz, who helped market the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Atlas Shrugged – Part 2 has chosen an Oct. 12 release date and has hired an experienced distributor and marketer, a contrast to the first installment, which relied heavily on word-of-mouth among Ayn Rand fans and Internet buzz to drum up an audience.

The production is set to announce today that it has hired Bill Lewis to spearhead U.S. theatrical distribution and Russell Schwartz to head marketing efforts.

See the full article for much more.

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Politico: Atlas Shrugged Part 2 will have fuller marketing campaign

From Politico:

Part 2 is due to hit theaters in October and producer Harmon Kaslow anticipates a broader, and more aggressive, marketing effort this time around.

Kaslow says that, despite the buzz generated online for the first film, “we realized that that’s not necessarily translating into people immediately going out and seeing the movie that weekend.”

“So one of the lessons we learned from Part 1 is that we need to use, in addition to the online media where we had that success, we also need to do more traditional media marketing and to that extent we’re spending nearly 10 times more money than we did on Part 1’s advertising budget to market Part 2.”

To do so, they’re teaming up with seasoned Hollywood marketer Russell Schwartz.

“We have a real seasoned pro who really understands the message and the adaptation of the book that we are pursuing and will help us market in a more traditional fashion, in addition to what we are continuing to do with our online marketing methods.”

Tea party types will still be involved, but as part of a broader outreach.

“The core message of the book really revolves around respecting the rights of the individual, so we have identified hundreds of groups across the country who really have, as part of their mission, that type of concept and message. So in addition to the support that we got from Freedom Works and the Heritage Foundation and tea party groups, we’re reaching out really to all of the various policy groups and others that subscribe to the message or are predisposed to the message of the book.”

See the full story for more.

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Atlas Shrugged movie producers sue Relativity Media and Netflix for failure to pay licensing fees

Deadline.com reports that the producers of the Atlas Shrugged movie have filed a lawsuit against Relativity Media and Netflix:

Maker of Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 Atlas Productions filed suit today in Los Angeles Superior Court against Relativity Media, RML Acquisitions and Netflix over failure to pay license fees and alleging copyright infringement. Atlas accuses the companies of breach of contract and failure to pay $1.5 million in license fees in connection with post-theatrical distribution of Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 including video on demand on Netflix.

See the full article or more information and a link to a PDF of the full court filing for the lawsuit. Below is a screen shot of a key portion of that document.

UPDATE 1 June – The lawsuit has been dropped: ‘”We had a misunderstanding, which has been resolved and we hope to continue to work together in the future,” Atlas Productions told TheWrap through John Jahrmarkt, its attorney in the suit.’

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Filming wraps on Atlas Shrugged Part 2

The final scenes of Atlas Shrugged Part 2 were filmed on May 15th. The Atlas Society offers reflections from their time on the set:

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 filmed its last scenes early Wednesday morning, May 15, in the historic Bank of America building in Los Angeles, California. The final night of filming included scenes from the wedding of James Taggart (Patrick Fabian) and Cherryl Brooks (Larisa Oleynik), where Francisco D’Anconia (Esai Morales) delivers his “money speech”—both a public condemnation of the crony elite cocktail crowd and a stealthy encouragement to Hank Rearden (Jason Beghe). “You say money is the root of all evil, but have you ever asked yourself—what is the root of money?” Esai Morales paces a clearing of people and delivers his lines like he’s in a sword fight—dodging an insult from one partygoer, overpowering an objection from another.

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Atlas Shrugged novel makes a brief appearance at the protest marches in Moscow

The new article “Using Taoism and Writers to Fight the Regime” in the Moscow Times by Russian writer Yulia Latynina begins:

Riot police broke up a sanctioned protest rally on May 6. After that, police detained Moscow pedestrians carrying white ribbons — the symbol of the protest movement. They also stopped “suspicious individuals” carrying no ribbons at all. That is why writer Boris Akunin proposed a truly Taoist form of protest: a walk along Moscow’s central streets on Sunday.

The idea was for Akunin and fellow writers Dmitry Bykov, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Lev Rubinshtein and yours truly to walk from the Pushkin monument on Pushkin Square to the Griboyedov monument at Chistiye Prudy, with an open invitation for readers to join them. I can’t say exactly how many people actually turned out, but it was clear that the number was close to 15,000.

On Sunday, I arrived at the Pushkin monument by noon and tried unsuccessfully to locate Bykov or Akunin. Before I could take another step, I was mobbed by people proffering books for me to sign.

I at last struggled free to look for Bykov on the steps of the nearby movie theater, but he wasn’t there. People once again came running from everywhere asking me to sign their books. One even held out a copy of “Atlas Shrugged” — the novel written by U.S. objectivist writer Ayn Rand who was persecuted in Russia by the Bolsheviks — and said, “Well, you’re a second Rand, so sign it.”

The only other writers I found in the crowd were Bykov and Akunin — each of them for only an instant — because the moment I would stop to speak to one of them, a crowd of people would instantly crystallize around me, sticking together like grains of sand and thrusting forward copies of books written by myself and others that they wanted signed.

This whole facet of the crowd’s spontaneous behavior was terribly fascinating. The people who were ostensibly supposed to lead the walk — Ulitskaya, Bykov, Akunin and musician Andrei Makarevich — were unable to walk together or speak to one another because the moment any two of them spotted each other and briefly stopped walking, each was immediately encircled by this crystallizing mob. Despite the lack of organization, the whole group of us walked from Pushkin to Griboyedov without any problems whatsoever.

See the full article for more insights about the protest.

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Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist plays wino in Atlas Shrugged Part 2

From a new article in the Washington Post:

Norquist, the president of Washington-based Americans for Tax Reform, first shot an office scene, handing a three-ring binder to heroine Dagny Taggart’s assistant. Easy enough, it sounds. Then producers suggested a second role. For a scene where Dagny and Hank Rearden walked along the street discussing the decline of society, they put Norquist in the background as some kind of down-and-out businessman, slumped on a stone bench, a bottle of wine in his lap. They roughed up his face with makeup, and messed up his hair, but he wore his own suit.

The actor playing Hank commended Norquist’s acting ability — he even stayed in character between takes! Consider it his Method approach: Having woken up 20 hours earlier for his West Coast flight, Norquist was nodding off by the time of the night shoot. “I’m half asleep, my character’s half asleep,” he said.

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On the set of Atlas Shrugged Part 2

The Atlas Society has published a new article with notes on their visit to the set of the new movie.

The article begins:

A light breeze blows, a few ducks glide on a pond, a small cabin is nestled in the trees. Dagny Taggart stands knee deep in flowers at the side of the weathered porch. Her blond ponytail bobs smartly as she examines a broken rail, a power drill heavy in one hand. From a short distance, Francisco D’Anconia watches her, preparing for their confrontation. The sun lights her face, shining through a giant white silk stretched across a black square frame. Three men hoist the sail onto two metal posts, adjust the angle, and trudge away. A large camera’s tripod is staked on the lawn, its lens trained on the scene, its thick black wires weaving the way back to a cart overflowing with electrical equipment. From a short distance, the director yells “Action!”

See the full article for much more.

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Watch for cameos from “persons of note” in Atlas Shrugged Part 2

A new article in the Washington Times begins:

It’s on the way: “Atlas Shrugged Part II” is now filming in Los Angeles, the second installment of an ambitious independent movie project — due for commercial release in October, just as the presidential election looms. A source says some of the film’s background extra roles will be played by persons of note who, uh, get the significance of Ayn Rand’s original 1957 novel, and this determined undertaking.

See the full article for more.

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